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Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind furniture and tables.

No one piece can be fabricated identical making my furniture even more unique than the last one created and crafted. All unique in style and color.


We custom make wood tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers and much more! Everything is one of a kind and can be tailored to your specifications! We offer multiple choices of wood and finishes.


Repairs & Maintenance including small drywall repairs, woodwork, small painting jobs, minor electrical, swamp coolers, dog/cat doors installed, fence and gate repair and installation. Also, we offer cleaning and fix-ups of garages, basements, rental properties.


Cabinet, shelf and door upgrades/replacements, screen installation, trim & finish work.


Reasonable rates to update plumbing and replace or repair hard-water damaged fixtures, heating & cooling conversions and installation and most general plumbing needs. Something as simple as replacing an old, leaky faucet can make a bathroom feel like new. . .


In addition to basic services like clean-up, roto-tilling, renovation and garden box construction, we can upgrade your fence or gates or build a raised vegetable garden.  Square Foot Gardening saves work, water, space and MONEY. Ask us how!


Everybody’s Son can bring a dump bed trailer and haul a variety of materials, including mulch, compost, manure, topsoil and gravel. Also, we remove trash, yard trimmings and more. A great service for when you finally get around to cleaning out your yard, garage or basement, or we can clean them out for you and haul the stuff, too!

If you don’t see what YOU need here, don’t hesitate to call us and ask!

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